Arrival Luge

After arriving in Portland for the first time over 5 days ago for work training, I was taken to The Little Bird for the “Bone Luge Experience.” I am currently parked on an uncomfortable airport seat thinking about my luge virgin experience. I can still taste the whiskey thick with flavor and the cheers from my fellow luge-ers. My search for places near San Francisco begins. Way to good too not do again.

Metrovino Luge

Bone luge at the restaurant that originated it – Metrovino!

Dual Luge

Two luges: one with Cynar, the other with Dos Maderas aged rum

Daring Pairing

Bars and restaurants across the country are serving fortified wine and spirits, paired with small bites, in a hollowed, roasted marrowbone.

[Daring Pairing — Wine Enthusiast Magazine]

Manhattan Luge

Pete enjoying a truly great Manhattan Luge at the Extra Vigin Restaurant in KC.

Discovery Luge

First there was the “Pickle Back” (taking a shot of pickle juice after a shot of whiskey). Then there was “fat washing” (adding meat to spirits, creating bacon vodka or short rib bourbon, for instance).

Now there’s a new drinking trend sweeping the bars and pubs of this cocktail crazy nation, and it’s called “Bone Luge.” And it’s exactly what it sounds like: Using the bone of an edible animal to funnel alcohol into your mouth.

[Bone Luge: Hot New Drinking Trend Or Just Plain Silliness — Discovery]

Under Attic Luge

Bone Marrow Thursday at UnderAttic in San Mateo, CA

Graze Luge

Talish Barrow, general manager of Graze, shows a bone luge, in which a diner eats bone marrow and then does a shot out of the hollowed-out bone.

L’Etoile Luge

Patrick doing the bone luge at L’Etoile in Madison, Wisc.

Toro Luge

Bone luge at Toro in Boston