Herbsaint Luge

“While I sat in Meauxbar at the crossroads of silliness and sophistication, diners at neighboring tables turned to look at the spectacle unfolding as my server began to gingerly pour a stream of Herbsaint through the bone into my mouth.”


Daring Pairing

Bars and restaurants across the country are serving fortified wine and spirits, paired with small bites, in a hollowed, roasted marrowbone.

[Daring Pairing — Wine Enthusiast Magazine]

Discovery Luge

First there was the “Pickle Back” (taking a shot of pickle juice after a shot of whiskey). Then there was “fat washing” (adding meat to spirits, creating bacon vodka or short rib bourbon, for instance).

Now there’s a new drinking trend sweeping the bars and pubs of this cocktail crazy nation, and it’s called “Bone Luge.” And it’s exactly what it sounds like: Using the bone of an edible animal to funnel alcohol into your mouth.

[Bone Luge: Hot New Drinking Trend Or Just Plain Silliness — Discovery]

Madison Luge

Julie Underwood pours Lustau cream sherry down a hollowed marrow bone at a recent “bone luge brunch” at L’Etoile in Madison, Wisconsin

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