Metrovino Luge

Bone luge at the restaurant that originated it – Metrovino!

Manhattan Luge

Pete enjoying a truly great Manhattan Luge at the Extra Vigin Restaurant in KC.

L’Etoile Luge

Patrick doing the bone luge at L’Etoile in Madison, Wisc.

Toro Luge

Bone luge at Toro in Boston

Remember The Maine Luge

A first time luger at Metrovino with a “Remember the Maine” shot.

BarSmarts Luge

Improved Bone Luge, at BarSmarts Chicago “Pioneers in Mixology”

320 Main Luge

Bone luge at 320 Main in Seal Beach, CA

Tofu Luge

Spirits writer Camper English with a Cynar luge.

Crab Leg Luge at Irvington Bierstube

Paired with late harvest riesling.

Bone Luge 4